Monday, February 10, 2014

Michael Sam, Future NFL Player Is Gay.

Michael Sam, of the SEC finalist Missouri Tigers (12-2) came out in a Sports Illustrated article posted early this morning. Sam is an All-American defensive lineman and AP's SEC Defensive Player of the Year, by all accounts a very good player. Sam is projected to go between the 3rd-5th round in the 2014 NFL draft.

This announcement is momentous. No active player in any of the of the major four American sports has been revealed to be homosexual and Michael Sam could possibly be the first. The reaction, surprisingly, was positive from him teammates (who knew he was gay at the beginning of the 2013-2014 season), to current NFL players, even the First Lady of the United States.

The news was not all positive though, some NFL execs question the move, stating that the NFL is just not ready for an openly gay player:
I don't think football is ready for [an openly gay player] just yet," said an NFL player personnel assistant. "In the coming decade or two, it's going to be acceptable, but at this point in time it's still a man's-man game. - NFL Exec in SI article
Yahoo Sports dropped Sam, 70 spots in their latest NFL draft board, not because he is a homosexual man, but because the media circus that will accompany him anywhere he goes. First day of training camp there will be ESPN and The Today Show. There will be Fox Sports and Logo. Undoubtedly, he brings more cameras and questions -- that something a lot of teams are just not prepared for.

I disagree with that anonymous NFL exec however. I think NFL is ready for a gay player. The league is full of young, educated men, despite what your stereotypes about them may be. Now more than ever, gay men and women are accepted in society. It seems like every day another state legalizes gay marriage on the backs of young, open-minded voters. Not to say Michael Sam won't have hit challenges. He will be faced with bigots. He will hear the slurs, from the stands, on Twitter and the gridiron. However he is mentally tough enough to handle it. He played this entire season with his teammates knowing he was gay, in an SEC locker room in the middle of the Bible Belt, if that's not tough I do not know what is.

Some people have argued that Sam did not have to come out, they ask "Why did he come out at all?" "Is he seeking attention?" Rumors of his sexuality were swirling around the NCAA Senior Bowl. It was only a matter of time before scouts and coaches started inundating him with questions and accusations. This is how you control a story. You get out in front of it, and control the subsequent media storm. It's smart, not only for his personal well-being, but good for the team drafting him. The franchise will know exactly what they are getting into and, in the end he opened a much-needed dialogue that will surely break barriers. 


The Break - Friendless & Travis Emmons. Song of the day. Dopeness.

Marcus' Not So Smart Decision

On February 8th, Texas Tech faced off versus Oklahoma St. Down 2 points, Texas Tech stole the ball and Jaye Crockett went up for the game stealing dunk. Marcus Smart, who was hustling down the court, block the shot, committed the foul and tumbled into the front row. So far, so good. Basketball players usually stumble into crowds at basketball games, it's what the fans love, being so close to the action. After Smart's fall however, superfan and University booster, Jeff Orr reacted. Here's a video of him giving a player the ole Bra d'honneur (French way of saying "fuck you".) back in 2010.

During the game, announcers said they heard Smart claim racial slur was used. Now whether Orr said the magic word or not is here or there. Smart was wrong for physically assaulting a paying customer, in a visiting arena. Smart was suspended for three games, deservingly so. Student athletes need this to be an example of a line they can never cross. Last thing anyone needs is repeat of the Malice in the Palace fiasco.

Conversely, people like Orr are a problem not only at University arenas, but in football stadiums, baseball parks and nearly everywhere collegiate and professional sports are played. The degrading, aggressive, violent and racist dialogue that is growing at sporting events is an epidemic. It's the reason why NFL attendance declined for 4 straight years. No one wants to be around the loud, drunk, machismo assholes that populate the stands. No decent person would subject their children or wives to that.

Who would anyone think it is okay to yell obscenities at a kid who was a Senior in High School two years ago? College athletes are dedicating more time to their sport than most people dedicate to their jobs. They travel all around the country and restlessly have get up for 8 am Biology while maintaining a decent grade point average. Oh, and they are doing it for free. So next time you go to a game, be respectful and remember its just a game.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Corrupt Kid of America: EDM Shows: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Corrupt Kid of America: EDM Shows: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Good: The random person who becomes your bestfriend : At every EDM concert without fail, there is a person who will be your soulmate wi...

EDM Shows: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


The random person who becomes your bestfriend: At every EDM concert without fail, there is a person who will be your soulmate within a matter of seconds.  Your favorite song will come on, you will look into each other's eyes, and start mouthing the lyrics to each other. You might exchange numbers, Facebook contacts or Twitter handles but honestly your relationship most likely won't top your off key rendition of Reload that one night.

Dancing way too hard guy: This annoys some people, but nothing makes me happier than seeing a guy who just does not give a FUCK about anyone or anything. It is just him and the music making beautiful love and everyone and everything else is just white noise. Sure, his friend's went back to the hotel hours ago and he probably does not know where he is, but the best feeling at an EDM concert is losing yourself within the music. I will never hate someone whou embodies that.

How he thinks he looks:
How he actually looks:

The girl who is wearing barely enough clothes to avoid arrest:

 Uhh.. enough said.


Old Miami Mogul: Pretty much that "bro" plus 20 years and 100 million dollar net worth. Don't be confused, he is not confined to the city limits of 305 either, New York, Las Vegas, Toronto, he could be anywhere. INSANELY rich, Rico Suave motherfucker who loves walking around with his chest hair showing, white button down and a watch that worth more than your college debts. Basically he thinks he can buy the place and every girl in the joint. Oh and he talks like this:


The person who hates mainstream music (pet peeve):  This person rolls their eyes every time a Tiesto song comes on or scolds you for your SHM playlist. Look, you are a dick and no one enjoys your company. Go back to those basement parties playing 70's German acid house that you pretend to like. Just because someone's music is popular  DOES NOT mean their music is bad or they are sell outs and corporate puppets. Michael Jackson. The Beatles. Madonna. Prince. Mainstream. Guess what all those people have in common? They are AWESOME. Sorry that you hate Beatport and think DJ Mag top 100 is for assholes.

Fanny-pack wearers: This is pretty straight forward. Stop wearing fanny packs. Don't care they are convenient because this is never justifiable. You look like a squid. Get a backpack.


Brought too many drugs guy:  We all have this friend. You do not know if he's trying to attend a concert or recreate a scene from Blow. Hey man, the concert is only 3 hours long, no need bring the horse tranquilizers. And I'm pretty sure you got enough molly to kill  a rhinoceros. Take a step back and realize why you're coming to the show in the first place: the music. He is the guy in line looking like this:
Asking questions like "Do you think they're going to search us?"

The second he gets inside he looks like this:

And you wouldn't be surprised if he ended up like this: 

Take it easy man. The genre has certainly gotten enough bad press for being druggie filled, sex driven, and encouraging reckless behavior, not to say some of those things aren't great (in moderation). Let's not add more fuel to the fire by crossing the line and getting yourself hurt.

Guys in tutus:

Fellas, leave the tutus to the ladies and everyone will be appreciative. Trust me. 

All and all EDM shows are amazingly positive experience. Most of the fans are awesome and the DJs are interactive and personal. If you have a chance to go I would encourage you to do so because their is nothing in the world like it.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2nd: Worst Day of the Year

January 2nd, only the second day of the year and it is by far the worst for a plethora of reasons. There are some noteworthy candidates for this distinction: day after Labor Day (summer is over) or April 15th (tax day) but those pale in comparison.

The holiday season is over and there won't be another holiday for some time. 
 From pretty much the middle of October we have been inundated with non-stop buildup and hype for the upcoming holidays. First, Halloween which according to my Instagram, people were celebrating for over 3 weeks. Then, Thanksgiving, then Hanukkah, of course Christmas and finally ending with New Year Day celebration. The last three months of the year go by so fast because its a constant party, so what is there to look forward to? Martin Luther King Day? Nope. 90% of the "real world" is working that day.

You are fat.
It no secret, you have not been a model for health these last few months. You have been drinking you weight in beer, spiked eggnog and spirits. At Thanksgiving dinner you set the record of plates of your aunts macaroni and you and the gym have practically become mortal enemies. You put on cozy layer on and your partner is now calling your sides "love handles".

You are broke
Fuck yes I am. After buying presents for all your family, friends and girlfriend your bank account began to look like a punchline. Toss in the exorbitant amount of money you spend on New Year's celebration, cramming into a overly packed club, with watered down drinks filled with douchebags. All your friends are home from school or on vacation from work and you want to go out with them naturally and by December 29 you were basically paying for bar beers with coins you found under your couch.

Do not fret though there is several reasons to be happy about the up and coming days!
1. Gym memberships are dirt cheap, with owners looking to cash in on everyone New Year resolutions.
2. NFL playoffs are starting and the Superbowl is a month from today
3. Once you file you taxes and get your refund back, you bank account will no longer bring tears to your eyes.

So every cloud has its silver lining, it just so happens January 2nd is a very very dark cloud.

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